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DOROTHY FEIBLEMAN email: bestnerikomi [AT] gmail [DOT] com

Born, 1951, Indianapolis, Indiana, U. S. A.
Studied Ceramics at Rochester Institute of Technology, B.F.A., 1973
Moved to England in 1973 and set up studio.
Member of the Craftsmen Potters Association (CPA), 1975 -, Council Member 1985 - 1991
British Crafts Council Slide Index since 1975
Member of the International Academy of Ceramics, Geneva, Switzerland, 1990 -

Guest artist at Jikken kobo, Inax , Tokoname, Japan 2002
British Crafts in Japan 2002 sponsored by Crafts Council of G.B. 2002
Seto Ceramic and Glass Center, Seto City, Japan 2001
Japan Foundation Fellowship, (six months), Japan 1998-9
Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural park (guest artist), Shigaraki, Japan 1999
Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park (guest artist), Shigaraki, Japan 1997
Arts/Industry Program (three months ), Kohler Company, Kohler, Wisconsin, U.S.A., 1996
Porcelain Bowl Symposium, International Ceramics Studio, KecskemŽt, Hungary, 1995
Inax Design Prize, Tokoname, Japan 1993
International Ceramic Studio (ICS), KecskemŽt, Hungary 1984 and 1987
British Council Grants for travel,shipping & lectures: '98 Finland,'96 &'98 Japan,'92 Turkey,'91 Italy,1990 India

Victoria and Albert Museum, London, England
Buckinghamshire Country Museum,Aylesbury,England
Bankfield Museum,Halifax, England
Shipley Art Gallery, England
The Ulster Museum, Belfast, N. Ireland
Stuttgart Museum, Germany
Hamburg State Museum, Germany
Darmstadt State Museum, Germany
International Ceramic Studio Museum, KecskemŽt, Hungary
Museum of Contemporary Ceramics,Shigaraki,Japan
INAX Corporation, Tokoname, Japan
Saga Prefectural Art Museum, Saga, Kyushu, Japan
Seto City Cultural Center, Seto City, Aichi, Japan
Tokoname City Museum, Tokoname, Aichi, Japan
Mino Contemporary Ceramic Museum, Gifu, Japan
Pennsylvania State Art Museum, U.S.A.
Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona, U.S.A.
Rochester Institute of Technology, New York, U.S.A.
Indianapolis Museum of Art, U.S.A.
John Michael Kohler Arts Center, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, U.S.A.
Kohler Company, Kohler, Wisconsin, U.S.A.
West Texas University Art Museum, Lubbock, Texas, U.S.A.
Orton Cone Company, Ohio, U.S.A.
Evansville Museum, Indiana, U.S.A.
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, U.S.A. Top

First Taiwan Ceramic Competition, Bronze Award, Taiwan , 2004
Chodasho Competition, Tokoname, Japan 2003
Izushi Porcelain Competition, award, Izushi, Japan, 2003
Dorothy Feibleman Sakazuki, Ichinokura Sakazuki Art Museum, Ichinokura, Japan 2003
SOFA, -Sculpture Objects and Fine Arts, New York 2003, - (Mobilia Gallery - Boston, Mass.), New York City, N.Y. 2003
6th Mino Ceramic Competition, Gold Prize, Mino, Tajimi, Japan, 2002
Mashiko Ceramic Competition, Judges award, Mashiko, Japan, 2002
A Century of Design, Part IV: 1975-2001, Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC, NY, USA ,2001-2002
Celebrating Contemporary Crafts 2001, Providence Art Club, Providence, R.I. USA 2001
IAC Exhibition, Korea, 2001
International Exhibition Tsinghua University, Beijing, China 2001
International Exhibition National Museum of Art, Beijing, China 2001
SOFA, (Mobilia Gallery), New York City, N.Y. 2001
Three Coloured Clay Artists, Artists in Residence, Seto 2000-1, Japan 2001
Artists in Residence, Exhibition of Ceramics and Glass, Seto 2000-1, Japan 2001
3rd Izushi Porcelain Triennale Competition, Izushi, Japan 2000, Second Prize
3rd Mashiko International Ceramics Contest, Mashiko Japan, 2000
International Academy of Ceramics, Keramion Museum, Frechen, Germany 2000
Cross Currents (between the U.S., England and Japan) Freehand Gallery, Los Angeles, Ca. USA, 2000
Solo Exhibition, Green Gallery, Tokyo, Japan 1999
Works from the Collection of the Museum of Contemporary Ceramics, Shigaraki, Japan 1999
5th International Ceramics Exhibition, Mino Japan, 1998, Silver Award & 3 Honourable Mentions
2nd Mashiko International Ceramics Contest, Mashiko, Japan 1998, Judges Commendation Award
Triennale de la Porcelain, Nyon Castle, Prangins, Switzerland 1998
Ceramics "98 Exhibition, Fiskars, Finland 1998 (British Council travel grant)
Yixing International Ceramic Art Conference Exhibition, Yixing, China 1998
International Academy of Ceramics at Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery, Waterloo, Canada 1998
Dorothy Feibleman's work made in Japan, at Indianapolis Museum of Art, U.S.A.,1997
Exhibition of Works Born at the the Park,Museum of Contemporary Ceramics, Shigaraki, Japan, 1997-1998
Group Exhibition Kunsthuis Ingrith Desmet, Belgium 1996
IAC '96 Japan, Saga Prefectural Art Museum, Saga, Japan 1996
Anniversary Exhibition, New Ashgate Gallery, Farnham Surrey, England 1996
Bank Gallery, Surrey, England 1996
International Ceramics Studio, Museum-Founding Exhibition., Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest, Hungary 1995-6
"The Dish", DeFORMA Ceramics Group, Tšlgyfa Gallery, Budapest, Hungary 1995-6
Porcelain, Candover Gallery, Alresford, England 1995
Group Exhibition, Inax, Tokyo, Japan 1995
Group Exhibition Galerie L, Hamburg,Germany 1995
European Ceramics, Maggie Barnes, Yorkshire, England 1995
Porcelain, Wolf Bšwig, Hanover, Germany 1995
Group Exhibition, (jewellery exhibited) New Ashgate, Farnham, Surrey, England 1994
Craft Potters' Association Exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum,London 1994
Inax Design Prize Exhibition in Tokoname and Tokyo 1993
Exhibition at the Indianapolis Art League, Indianapolis, U.S.A., 1993
Graham Modern, Gallery Artists Exhibition, New York, New York, U.S.A., 1992
Galerie Hinteregger, British Exhibition,St. Pšlten, Austria, 1992
British Touring Exhibition of India organised by the British Council, 1991-92
14 British Ceramists, Galleria Il Giardino Dell'Arte, Bologna, Italy, sponsors: British Council & Craft Council 1991
Solo Exhibition in conjunction with the opening of the new wing of the Indianapolis Art Museum, U.S.A.,1990
Ceramic Jewellery Exhibition at the Museum for German Porcelain Industry, 1990
Anniversary Exhibition, Galerie Charlotte Hennig, Darmstadt, 1990
Prix de la Villa de Carouse, Contours International de Ceramique DecorŽe, Le Bijou
Ceramique, Geneve & Zurich 1989-1990
British Ceramics Today, in conjunction with publication of A Dictionary of British
Studio Potters by Pat Carter, New Ashgate Gallery, Farnham, England 1990
Show Case Exhibition, Craftsmen Potters Shop, June 1990
Ton in Ton, Darmstadt Museum of Art, Germany 1988
Porcelain Exhibition at Rosenthal, organised by David Queensberry, Selb, Germany 1988
Aspects of Ceramics of Europe, Stuttgart Museum of Art, 1987
Wita Gardiner Gallery, San Diego, California, 1987
Galerie for English Ceramics, Sandhausen, Germany 1987
Jewellery Designers - Indianapolis Museum of Art, U.S.A., March 1986
British Ceramics, Craft Alliance, St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A. Travelling Exhibition 1985-86
International Ceramic Studio, at Galerie de 1'H™tel de Villa, Paris, 1986
Applied Arts Museum, Hamburg, (sent by Crafts Council U.K.) 1986
Graham Gallery, New York,1986
International Ceramics Festival, Mino, Japan 1986
Teapot Exhibition, Westminster Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts, U. S. A., 1984
British Ceramics, Graham Gallery, New York City, 1984
Artist Potters Now, Travelling Exhibition, Sotheby's - Oxford Museum 1984-85
Ceramics from England, State Museum, Worms, Germany, October-November 1984
Dorothy Feibleman, solo, Oxford Gallery, Oxford, England, September 1984
International Ceramic Studio Travelling Exhibition, KecskemŽt, Hungary, Vienna, Austria 1984
Mariposa Gallery, Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S.A., May-June 1983
Studio Ceramics Today - at Victoria and Albert Museum, November 1983
Studio Ceramics, Craft Potters Shop, in conjunction with publication of Peter Lane's book,1983
Studio Porcelain, Craftsmen Potters Shop, June 1983
Feibleman, Henderson, Tchlenko, Charlotte Hennig Galerie, Darmstadt, Germany,1983
Dan Haag - (British Craftsmen Potters Association) Holland 1982
Westminster Gallery (British Craft Collection) Boston, U.S.A. 1982
British Art and Music Festival, New Jersey, U.S.A. 1982
Katharine House Gallery - Marlborough, Wiltshire, England 1982
Hand and the Spirit Gallery - 'Group Porcelains' Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A. 1982
68th Indiana Artists Show, Indianapolis Museum of Art. U.S.A. 1981, Award
Exhibition of Recent Marquetry Ware, solo exhibit, Indianapolis Museum of Art, 1981
Porcelain Bowls and Boxes, Prescote Gallery, Banbury, England 1981
Hand and the Spirit Gallery - 'Porcelain Focus' solo exhibit, Phoenix, Arizona 1981
Rufford Craft Centre - 'The New Ceramics' - Nottinghamshire, England 1981
Recent Work - An Exhibition of 4 Ceramists, Craftsmen Potters Shop, London, 1981
Exhibition From the Craft Potters' Association at the Galerie Munsterberg Basel, Switzerland 1981
Bohun Gallery/British Crafts Center, 'Agate ware London 1981
Studio Ceramics Christopher Wood Gallery, London, 1980
Exhibition and Auction of Contemporary Crafts, Sotheby's, England 1980
"Agate ware" Bohun Gallery, Henley on Thames, England, 1980
'Miniatures', the Elements, Greenwich, Connecticut, U.S.A. 1980
The Elements Gallery, New York, "Collector's Clay', U.S.A. 1980
'Studio Porcelain' - Craft Potters Shop, with publication of Peter Lane's book, London 1980
Prescote Gallery at the Edinburgh Festival, Scotland 1980
Bowls Exhibition, Craftsmen Potters' Shop, London 1980
Blue,Green,Yellow at the British Craft Center,London, 1979
"Star Quality", British Craft Center, London,1979'
Small Paintings, Small Pots' - Bohun Gallery, Henley on Thames, England 1979
Solo Exhibition, Innate Harmony Gallery, London,1979
Galerie Elizabeth Pfister, Hamburg, Germany, 1979
Galerie L, Hamburg, Germany, 1979
Indiana Ceramic Exhibition, DePauw University, Indiana, U.S.A.,1979
Indiana Central University Ceramic Invitational, U.S.A.,1978
Indiana State Museum Invitational,5th Annual, U.S.A.,1978
Group Exhibition, Atmosphere Gallery from London in Zurich, Switzerland, 1977
Feibleman,Burnett,Barry at Charlotte Hennig Galerie,Darmstadt,Germany,1977
Noggins and Ewers, British Crafts Center, London ,1977
Neville Museum, "Clay and Fibre", Green Bay, Wisconsin, U.S.A.,1977
Mid-State Crafts Exhibition, Evansville, Indiana, U.S.A.,1977, Purchase Award
Indiana State Fair Crafts Exhibition, Indiana, U.S.A.,1977, Award
Henry Rothchild's Collection Exhibition, England ,1976
Atmosphere Gallery, Porcelain Exhibition, London ,1976
Eight State Annual, Crafts Exhibition, Louisville, Kentucky, U.S.A.,1976
Marietta College Crafts National, Ohio, U.S.A.,1976
25th Anniversary Invitational, School for American Craftsmen,Rochester, New York, U.S.A., 1976
Bicentennial Crafts Invitational, Indiana University Art Museum, U.S.A.,1976
Indiana State Fair Crafts Exhibition, Indiana, U.S.A.,1976, Award
Orton Cone Company Box Competition,Purdue University,U.S.A. 1975, Purchase Award
Mid-State Crafts Exhibition, Evansville, Indiana, U.S.A.,1975
Objects and Crafts Exhibition, Indianapolis Art Museum,Indiana, U.S.A.,1975
Indiana State Fair Crafts Exhibition, Indiana, U.S.A.,1975, Award - for geometric coloured nerikomi
Miniature Works, Crafts and Sculpture Exhibition, West Texas University,U.S.A.,1975,
Best of Show Award and Purchase Award
Indiana State Fair Crafts Exhibition,Indiana, U.S.A.,1974, Award
Beaux Arts Designer Craftsmen Exhibition,Columbus,Ohio,U.S.A. 1974
Objects and Crafts Exhibition, Indianapolis Art Museum,Indiana, U.S.A.,1973
Indiana State Fair Crafts Exhibition,Indiana, U.S.A.,1973, Award
Rochester Fingerlakes Show, Rochester, New York,U.S.A.,1972
Works on Paper, Indianapolis Art Museum, Indiana, U.S.A., 1972
Iowa Student Clay Today, Iowa, U.S.A.,1972
Indiana State Fair Crafts Exhibition, Indiana, U.S.A.,1972, Award
Corning Craft Exhibition, Corning, New York,U.S.A. 1972, Award
Beaux Arts Designer Craftsmen Exhibition,Columbus, Ohio,U.S.A.,1972, Award
New Paltz Ceramic Invitational, New Paltz, New York, U.S.A.,1972 Award
Objects and Crafts Exhibition, Indianapolis Art Museum,Indiana, U.S.A., Award, 1971 Top

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Description of my work:
I have worked with coloured clay (mainly porcelains) since 1969. I started working with coloured porcelain because I was inspired by ancient miniature glass mosaics and millefiori glass beads and first made ceramic and silver jewellery and then vessels. The working methods I imagined, by looking at the glass and figuring out how I could arrive at similar structures in porcelain. In 1969 in the West, there were no books readily available to consult for glass cane construction nor was coloured clay encouraged or taught as a method for clay use as it is in Japan. As I developed as a potter, my working methods were refined and my tools changed. Through the years, these keep changing along with the clays, firing methods, and other elements. I am constantly making tests and find understanding my craft and materials exciting and necessary to allow myself mental freedom, similar to improvisation in music and dance. I feel that without good craft skills and material understanding, you can not be free to create what you want to make.

I laminate either different colours of porcelain or different porcelain bodies together. Every change in colour, texture, or translucency is structural. The forms are also dependent on the movement of the above elements in the construction, drying and especially, the firing, where the movement can be dramatic. All these elements and their relation to the atmosphere in the kiln and the temperature, can be altered for very different images, using the same materials.

The coloured work is usually now made from coloured parian (soft paste porcelain) which is a plastic body I developed and it has been sold to the public (in seven colours) in Europe by Potterycrafts Ltd. since 1984.

The white/white pieces are made by laminating different white clays with different maturing temperatures. The white work, (since 1995), is composed of up to five structurally very similar clays. The whitest high fire porcelain acts as a structure for the more translucent bodies to almost melt within, resulting in textured structural elements with variations in translucency. The textured pieces are fired in oxidation.

One of the things I am experimenting with at the moment, (but have done on a smaller scale since 1981) is putting chemicals in the laminated clays which make them expand in the kiln. I make moulds which guide the objects as they grow in the kiln's heat. These are quite large and I have needed to be on residencies so as to have help and large enough kilns.

Last year, I developed a new very translucent very white porcelain that is very strong, has a good surface (like babies' skin) and takes colours very clearly. It also can fire in one hour, in a tunnel kiln. It is good for industrial use as well as hand building. I also devised a new zogan process for industry. Also, while experimenting with ideas that could be used in architecture, I made a series of (by default) the largest, thinnest, translucent, nerikomi porcelain pieces to date.

I am collecting information for a book about coloured clay particularly in contemporary Japanese ceramics and it's influences from and to the West. It has an historical section and a technical section. Ceramic historians and chemists are helping to me compile it.

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